Individual Sessions

The ideal space to speak your truthiest truths with no judgement, drama or advice… unless advice is what you seek!

These 60-minute private sessions can virtually be anything you choose. Want to speak and be heard? You got it. Want to uncover blockages that are holding you back from your desires? You got it. Want to expand your toolbox of techniques that ease the stress, fear and anxiety you experience? You got it. Want to sketch up a plan of action on how to move forward? You got it. I’m your girl.

This offering is for you if you are seeking a guide that will hold your hand AND hold you accountable. With one-on-one support and deep, cosmic connection with me via Zoom, you’ll feel free to show up exactly as you are and who you desire to become in a safe and loving space.

$125/1 hour

Intuitive Card Readings

A personalized reading just for you! Channeled guidance and wisdom from your ancestors, angels, guides and animal guides. You’ll receive intuitive discoveries from myself about you and/or your energy and real-life tools and techniques to apply in your life immediately.

This offering is for you if you are seeking to create a deeper connection with your inner self, higher self and any guides that emerge. With 1 on 1 support and deep, soul connection with me via voice message and email, you’ll feel free to show up exactly as you are and who you desire to become in a safe and loving space.


Price is subject to change at any time. You will be invoiced $100 via email upon submitting this form.

1:1 Coaching & Healing

This is for the person ready to commit to their highest Self. 12 weeks. 12 60-minute sessions. One-on-one coaching and Quantum healing. A portal of resources. Mentorship through WhatsApp 5 days/week.

Get ready to move through lifetimes of healing, feel lit-up from the inside out and magnetize all your wildest dreams.

A four-figure investment into yourself. Only apply if this is aligned for you.

“I have been struggling with anxiety and took your advice from a previous reading with you, to begin meditating, and it has truly changed my life.”

Intuitive Card Reading client

“Lexie, thank you so much. I feel so many emotions right now and such inspiration to really delve into reflection. I’ve never had a reading that has caused me to feel as though I know myself better after receiving it until now.”

Intuitive Card Reading client

“Lexie has always been prompt, kind and helpful with not only her readings but also educating me on spirituality and how the universe works. I am forever grateful for her help with finding my own positivity and understanding my own spirituality more.”

Intuitive Card Reading client

“You are the only person I trust with my energy.”

Intuitive Card Reading client

Let’s make magic together.