7 Rituals & Ways to Celebrate the Summer Solstice All Season Long!

Happy Summer Solstice! The Summer Solstice, known by many as their favorite day of the year- “the first day of Summer”- happens between June 20th and June 21st each year in the Northern Hemisphere. The exact time of the Solstice this year is 03:32 UTC on Monday, June 21st, therefore it can be celebrated allContinue reading “7 Rituals & Ways to Celebrate the Summer Solstice All Season Long!”

You Are The Investment

In a reality where there is always a plethora of energies swirling around at once… pressure, excitement, stress, pleasure, chaos and all occurring… It’s natural to feel overwhelmed sometimes. If that overwhelm sits in the energy field long enough without being cleared, it’s possible for the overwhelm to turn into ‘freeze mode’, signaling the bodyContinue reading “You Are The Investment”

The Divine Feminine Expressed

There are Divine Masculine and Divine Feminine energies us all. You may have heard them being talked about within spiritual communities or in a book you’ve recently read. It’s one thing to talk about and logically understand these energies but it’s a whole new thing to feel these energies and notice how they are currentlyContinue reading “The Divine Feminine Expressed”

How To Communicate with Spirit

Spirit, The Universe, God, Source… Whatever you prefer to call the power that brings us together, the one that weaves a strong and infinite web between each and every one of us, is already communicating with you. It’s a common misconception that Spirit (what I’ll call this power within this article) only speaks to onlyContinue reading “How To Communicate with Spirit”

Gratitude & How To Manifest Your Dreams

“There is so much to be grateful for…”  Everyone and their mother says it. Magnet quotes, birthday cards and bumper stickers all say it too. Maybe you even have a daily gratitude practice that you write in a journal or speak out loud. But have you ever used the power of gratitude to manifest yourContinue reading “Gratitude & How To Manifest Your Dreams”

Earth’s Chakras & Where to Find Them

Throughout time and history, humans have been drawn to the same specific spots on Earth because these spots vibrate high energy and have deep, healing powers. It is said there are over one hundred spots on Earth that have this effect, but there are seven in particular that are pretty special. These are the sevenContinue reading “Earth’s Chakras & Where to Find Them”

Moon Phases and How They Can Assist Our Personal Growth

:: Moon Phases and How They Can Assist Our Personal Growth Honoring the moon and moon cycles is a practice that has been around for ages. Many ancient peoples worshipped the moon and moon various goddesses. Regardless of who or what these people worshipped the moon for, the bottom line is that the moon hasContinue reading “Moon Phases and How They Can Assist Our Personal Growth”