The Retreat

Welcome to your landing pad in 2022 ✨

A place for your body to rest, reset, and recharge….

A place for your mind, body, and soul to come ALIVE

When I devoted myself to a life of growth and evolution, a few major breakthroughs occurred…

➳ My talents + gifts started revealing themselves because I was no longer pushing so hard to “make it happen”.

➳ I felt more free because I realized it was okay to reinvent myself a million times over if I felt like it.

➳ I discovered the power in numbers… realizing I didn’t have to be alone in my process + actually quantum leaping in my healing journey because of it!

➳ No attachment to any outcome equated to me having more freaking FUN in life + actually getting exactly what I wanted and more 😉

Most of my life I felt like I was just letting time pass me by.

Experiencing these breakthroughs catapulted me into a brand new state of being…

In this body of mine… in my heart… head… + soul.


In an aligned way that is sustainable + lasts a lifetime, unwavering through any ebb or flow

Alive is a 4-day, 3-night in-person retreat that will take you by the hand to this place within yourself… leaving you feeling more confident, connected, recharged + deeply empowered in how you desire to show up in the world.

Alive Is For You If…

✓ You’re calling in connection with more like-minded women

✓ You crave chats about the Universe + experiences that blast your heart wide open

✓ You’re dedicated to your own growth + expansion in this lifetime. Physical, mental, emotional, spiritual + energetic.

✓ You desire a safe space to ground, relax + reset in all ways

✓ You feel a pull to remember where you came from + what you incarnated on Earth to do

✓ You wish to return home feeling more confident and know yourself better than ever before


Tuesday May 24 to Friday May 27

Breckenridge, Colorado

Find yourself staying in an open, clean and bright mountain home… lined by giant trees and a short distance away from a mountain scape… birds chirping, coffee + tea brewing… food cooking… ahhhhhh. It’s time to relax.

What To Expect When You Join?

✓ Private WhatsApp group chat to go deep + connect ’til we meet in May

✓ A 4-day, 3-night stay in a gorgeous mountain home in Breckenridge, Colorado

✓ All meals + expenses covered (minus flights)

✓ Daily practices including yoga/intuitive movement, ecstatic dance, fire ceremony, women’s circles and more

✓ Nature time!!

✓ Free time to explore the grounds or chill in the hot tub, have a cat nap, whatever you wish!

✓ Gift basket for you to take home

✓ Post retreat integration call

✓ Priceless memories that will last a lifetime + beyond

✓ And more!

Your Payment Options…

No price increases. Transparency. Flexibility. Making this accessible for you so if you don’t see a plan that works for you and you know you’re meant to be here… direct message me here after filling out the application (click the button below!). I’ll get back to you between 24-48 hours!

Oh hi beautiful soul

I see you out there… Showing up day and night…

On a path of growth, building your incredibly strong foundation, doing everything you can to keep your feet on the ground and your head towards the stars, dreaming so damn big.

I’m Lexie. Embodiment coach and expander for the most magical women I have met. Here, we reclaim what it means to be feminine beings. Tapped-in to our soul, turned-on to excitement + in our mf-ing power. In life, leadership + in looooove.

Are you ready to join us?

What Women Who Have Walked With Me Are Saying…

Why Now?

What you seek is seeking you. You wouldn’t be here if a part of you didn’t know that. You wouldn’t be thinking about embarking on this journey otherwise….

If you’d be willing….

2022 is the year you can:

➳ Rewrite the whole damn book. Start fresh. Defy all odds.

➳ Choose differently. Choose the direction of your soul. Leave the past + any limitations behind you.

➳ Return home. To your body, your breath, your truth. That sacred place within you was never lost…

➳ Make more money. Set boundaries. Have better relationships. Become your own channel. Fill your days with pleasure. The list goes on….

2022 can be your year. If you’d find the courage to say yes to the part of you who KNOWS the time is now.