The Divine Feminine Expressed

There are Divine Masculine and Divine Feminine energies us all. You may have heard them being talked about within spiritual communities or in a book you’ve recently read. It’s one thing to talk about and logically understand these energies but it’s a whole new thing to feel these energies and notice how they are currently playing out in your life. That is my intention with the experience I am sharing with you, so here we go…

The Divine Feminine within all of us longs to be acknowledged, especially in a world where we have slowly grown apart from her. Feel into Her energy as you read the words below and discover how She may, or may not, be showing up in your current life.


By Lexie Lea

The Feminine wants to open up for you.

In all of her phases…

Quiet, tender, soft and gentle…

Bold, loud, ferocious and wild…

Bawling in a pool of tears..

Kicking and screaming out her fears..

Covering up or showing skin..

Not being asked where she’s been..

Free. Open. Unbound.

Ebbing and flowing as she desires.

Safe to be, She.

How do you hold Her?

You don’t.

She isn’t an object to catch…

Nor does it make Her want to curl up with you…

She wants to be sacredly witnessed.

Held in love and a strong gaze…

One of deep surrender..

One of a gentle nudge..

Of, “you are safe to fully express all aspects of yourself, my darling…”.


Reflect on the ways you allow the Feminine take up space in your life. Do you honor your emotional ebbs and flows? Which emotions or states of being do you tend to play in the most?

Reflect on the ways you subdue the Feminine’s expansiveness. Do you keep her quiet, purposefully (or not) ignoring your emotions and heart? What signals you to ‘close off’ in life?

Take your time pondering these questions. She will unravel. And when She does, share your response with a loved one or in your favorite journal.

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