How To Communicate with Spirit

Spirit, The Universe, God, Source…

Whatever you prefer to call the power that brings us together, the one that weaves a strong and infinite web between each and every one of us, is already communicating with you.

It’s a common misconception that Spirit (what I’ll call this power within this article) only speaks to only those that are intuitive, have a secret and special ability, or those who are “ready”.

But truth be told, Spirit is speaking to everyone at all times, including you. Yes I mean YOU! You may not notice this communication yet because there is simply a disconnect from knowing HOW Spirit is communicating with you. 

This disconnect is not your fault, not a byproduct of your beliefs, or because you’re not worthy. It is simply a disconnect that occurs in most people because one, as a society we were never taught how to access our intuitive abilities and two, because we are currently (consciously) existing in the fourth dimension, which is different from the fifth and beyond dimensions all around us. Every dimension is connected but this dimension and reality we are existing in is a lot denser than the fifth and beyond, which can easily cause us to forget our innate abilities.

Here are a few of the infinite ways that Spirit can, and is, communicating with you:

  1. Through repeated numbers or seeing your lucky number appear out of the blue
  2. Through any of your five senses- taste, touch, smell, sight, and sound
  3. Through an inner knowing about something, not sure how, but you just know…
  4. Through a random synchronicity
  5. Through a new opportunity
  6. Through Shamanic journey
  7. Through finding something that sparks your inner excitement, or something significant that you had previously lost 
  8. Through gaining something, or losing something too…
  9. Through directly calling upon Spirit to have a conversation, or through prayer
  10. Through a legitimate confirmation; perhaps you were thinking about a yes or no question while driving in the car and to your surprise, as you look up at a billboard passing by, the words “YES” in big bold letters catch your eyes…

And the list goes on and on forever! 

Which ways do you experience the most and what other ways would you add? Let us know!

Now that your mind, body, heart and soul are opening up a little bit more to the infinite ways Spirit communicates with you, can you remember a time where this has already happened in your life? If you can’t recall a time, can you imagine what it would be like to recognize this direct communication between you and Spirit? What would it sound like, sound like, smell like, taste like, feel like…?

As you return to your daily life, I invite you to focus on the FEELING of communicating with Spirit.

Nourish yourself, take care and stay open. Invite sacred space to be around you and keep you protected at all times. Tune into observer mode instead of assuming what the messages may be or deciphering them. And ultimately, realize that Spirit wants to communicate with you so if nothing else, ask for it!

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