Planting Roots, Here and Now

The more conversations I have with people from all across the world, the more I realize we are not all that different. I have always believed that each person is simply a mirror for our own personal human experience, and that when we see something within them, we are recognizing it within ourselves.

I have been talking with more and more people recently who are experiencing eerily similar situations.

The whole point of it all is to bring us back into awareness. Back into the present moment. Not distracted by any past or future moments, thoughts, or ideas. Simply living, breathing and being in this current moment. Presence is our eternal nature yet is more difficult to achieve from human form. Difficult, but not impossible.

Let’s imagine what our lives would look like if we were just a little bit more present…

  • Would you be rushing out of bed after the alarm?
  • What actions would you take first thing in the morning?
  • What would your first words be in the morning?
  • How would you treat your family, spouse, loved ones (near or far)?
  • How would you treat yourself?
  • How would you show up to work, school, or your business?
  • How would you show up to eat meals?
  • How would you drive your car?
  • How would you speak to strangers? Or the barista at your daily coffee stop?
  • How would you enter your home after being apart from it all day?
  • How would you fall asleep at night?

These questions are to provoke your thoughts and make you think about how your reactions might be different if you lived more in the present moment everyday.

It’s possible to go from getting aggravated that the iced coffee you ordered in the drive thru is taking a little bit longer than expected, to breathing, remembering that *it’s okay* if you’re a minute late to the meeting, and showing compassion/empathy and gratitude for the people who are choosing to serve you what you asked for.

It’s as simple as taking responsibility for our actions. All of them. Even the ones we didn’t mean to do or the ones that ‘came out wrong’.

It’s okay. You’re okay. I’m okay. Everything’s okay. It all will continue to be.

Try your best every single day and show up to be present with whoever or whatever you’re with, especially with yourself.

Be well and go with kindness.

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