Welcome Home, Goddess

A safe space for you to unfold into and embody every dimension of your beauty, sensuality and unique magic in the world

Reiki & Shamanic Work

Reiki and Shamanism are sets of practices designed to get us deeply connected to the natural and cosmic worlds in and around us. With these private sessions, you will have the chance to heal, create your destiny and rediscover your soul.

Intuitive Energy Readings

Through energetic tracking and channeling, you will receive an in-depth reading of your current soul projection. I will work to identify any blockages, new timelines and relay any messages from your angels & guides, leaving you feeling clear-headed, more connected and with a deeper sense of self.

Discover Earth’s Beauty

Nourish your body and support your evolution with the purest, Certified Therapeutic Grade plant essences. Each plant is sourced from where on Earth it naturally thrives; allowing it to grow into it’s fullest potential. When you use these plants in your daily practice, you will receive their high-vibrational benefits and in turn, raise your personal frequency.

What Clients are Saying

“Lexie has been such a guiding and angelic light in my life! Within both our work together and in friendship, she always shows up with empathy, compassion and objective support, upliftment and inspiration. She is such an example of the people I aim to attract and spend my time with; those really walking the walk.”

“Lexie has always been prompt, kind and helpful with not only her readings but also educating me more on spirituality and how the Universe works. I am forever grateful for her help with finding my own positivity and understanding myself more.”

“Lexie, thank you so much. I feel so many emotions right now and such inspiration to really delve into reflection. I’ve never had a reading that has caused me to feel as though I know myself better after receiving it until now.”

“I have been struggling with anxiety and took your advice from a previous reading with you, to begin meditating, and it has truly changed my life.”

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The Cosmic Goddess Circle

An intimate and sacred group space where you can show up exactly as you are, without any judgement, and be supported and held by like-minded women